Our Approach

Ardelyx develops:

  • Drugs that target proteins found in the gut whose activities affect the entire body
  • Drugs that are not absorbed, enabling them to achieve systemic efficacy while avoiding systemic toxicity and side effects

What we do

Targeted Therapeutic Areas

Ardelyx has established a unique approach to drug development with programs targeting gut transporters, receptors, and enzymes

Therapeutic Areas


Contact Information

Ardelyx, Inc. 
34175 Ardenwood Blvd.
Fremont, CA  94555
(510) 745-1700
Fax: 510-745-0493

For general inquiries: info@ardelyx.com

For Business Development, please contact:
Mark Kaufmann, Chief Business Officer – mkaufmann@ardelyx.com

For career information, please visit our careers page.

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