Our Approach

Ardelyx develops:

  • Innovative, non-systemic, small molecule therapeutics that work exclusively in the GI tract to treat cardio-renal, GI and metabolic diseases.
  • We have developed a proprietary drug discovery and design platform enabling us, in a rapid and cost-efficient manner, to discover and design novel drug candidates

Targeted Therapeutic Areas

Ardelyx has established a unique approach to drug development with programs targeting gut transporters, receptors, and enzymes

Therapeutic Areas


Our RDX013 program is aimed at discovering and evaluating small molecule, orally-administered drug candidates that modulate the transport of potassium in the GI tract. Our agents will be designed to enhance potassium secretion in the colon and correct hyperkalemia disorders in CKD patients. We believe that specific potassium transporters in the intestines may serve as useful targets for our program. We are also using our APECCS platform to identify novel pathways to activate potassium flux from the interior of the GI epithelium cells to the GI lumen. We believe that such agents may be used as standalone agents or used in combination with potassium binders boost efficacy or to reduce the pill burden of the potassium binders.